CSC competitive edge is that, before we embark on any project, we employ our team of engineers and technicians to survey the site, conduct thorough analyses, in order to determine the requirements and specifications of the site, consequently design site-specific tailor-made parking innovative solutions.

We present the “Parking Management System” It provides complete operational and management control of the car park equipment. The Central Management System is fully scalable and can be used for managing a single car park or for multiple sites

On top of installing and configuring our high-end smart parking management systems, we partner side-by-side with Shopping Centers owners in order to provide them reports on footfall, consumer preferences, most busy areas of the Mall, peak hours, among other important decisive criteria.

We make finding or reserving your preferred parking space easy. We give privileges to ladies and the disabled. We try to eliminate queuing and provide an easy and convenient payment solutions. To compliment this experience, we can brand your equipment according to the shopping mall’s identity, making them appealing and unique. Our aim is to make your parking experience very friendly and pleasurable.

Our payment solutions vary from notes to coins, credit cards, vouchers, and loyalty cards. Our solutions will be integrated with the rest of the mall’s business, such as the cinema, supermarket, where we can tailor make discounts and redeeming vouchers for different types of users.

Our flexibility and business intelligence in tackling different customized solutions of all types of clients and all-type of tenants are what make us unique in the field.

Parking Management System Features

  • Number of device unlimited by software structure
  • Graphical user interface
  • Statistical package
  • Multi operator based
  • Remote diagnostics and remote software update
  • Credit Card Magnetic stripe and central stripe Tech.
  • Offline operation
  • Car parks without tickets
  • Traffic and access control
  • Visitors control systems
  • Paid thoroughfare systems
  • License plate recognition system