We supply and install a range of equipment of physical security barriers, from electromechanical to hydraulic unit of bollards and barriers(for high frequency use), designed and developed to operate in various conditions such as large car parks, motorway toll gates with frequent reversing, and sensitive sites where the bar must open automatically in case of a power failure, in industrial installations.

Investment in new products and technologies in the fields of Road System and Perimeter Security is the key to the company’s strategy for implementing further growth on the world market.

projects offer a high degree of personalisation since they can be designed right from the concept phase to incorporate all the accessories and options requested by the market. This makes it possible to satisfy all kinds of requirements: led lights, special materials, stainless steel / aluminum, heaters, RAL colorations, communication interfaces and so on.

Static and Rising Bollards

Bollards are designed to offer an impact-resistant barrier to vehicle access, whilst allowing access to pedestrians. Such installations may range from shopping centers and complexes, stadiums, sports centers, promenades, airports, and ports.


Gate Barrier

Gate Barrier, also known as a boom gate play an essential role in regulating and restricting the vehicle access and egress so their reliability is key. Barriers are often the visitors first contact with a company so appearance is also important. Whether the requirement is for a simple, low cost barrier for relatively low volume usage or a heavy-duty barrier for frequent operation, Frontier Pitts will supply a system designed to meet the sites exact needs. All barriers operate through a 90 degree movement.


Road Block

Road Blockers are designed to offer an impact-resistant barrier to vehicle access and are well suited to ‘High Security’ sites. Such installations may range from car parks through to anti-terrorist protection of defense sites. Whether the requirement is for a simple, low cost rising curb for relatively low volume usage or a heavy-duty.


Full Height Turnstile

The ideal solution for controlling outdoor when mass audience is to enter or leave an area in a short time. Turnstile has an electromechanical interlock unit and the rotary movement is generated by the user – a popular variant at leisure parks and stadiums. Both drive versions can be controlled by means of all conventional access control systems and can be operated in both throughflow directions.