Intelligent Surveillance System provide an effective crime deterrent, utilizing the latest digital technology to monitor access to secure areas, unauthorized activities, theft or criminal damage and personal safety or even provide a remote response to an intrusion. we provide a camera that has omnidirectional capability, it is  adopted to provide a 360 degree view angle of the indoor scene with a single image sequence. Some basic functions for smart living and elderly care, such as motion detection, object tracking and target behavior.

Main Features of the Intelligent Surveillance

  • Weatherproof Infrared Color Security Camera
  • Day and Night Camera
  • You can listen to recorded audio for each camera by playing it back or viewing it live in full screen mode
  • Video Based Motion Detection – records video and audio when there is motion in the picture
  • Trigger of built-in buzzer alarm, log events, and inform via email
  • Playback – plays recorded video of all cameras
  • Backup video to a USB flash drive, external USB DVD Burner, or over internet on to your PC