he Fingerprint Recognition Access Control system uses biometric technology and 4 factor identity authentication to confirm a person’s identity before granting access. Our system integrates FUSION software and proprietary, aesthetically pleasing access control hardware configured to your specific situation. Whether you need fingerprint biometric security only, or a combination of fingerprint and smart card verification, we will create a solution to suit your individual requirements.

Benefits of an Integrated Security Solution

Integrated Solution
Access Control system integrates Building and Site Access Control, Time and Attendance Management, Locker Management, Visitor Management, ID Cards, Roll Call.

Suitable for all project sizes, from 1-2 doors to multi-site network with unlimited doors. Can be configured to run on a single workstation or on a server for an enterprise-wide application.

Support for dual servers with alternative path network routing in case of a network default. Access decisions are made by the intelligent reader heads in the event of a central system or network failure. Multi-lingual and world time zone support.

Identity Authentication
Secure multi-factor identification supports (1) fingerprint only, (2) smart card only (3) fingerprint and card (4) fingerprint template on card with PIN code. Automatically synchronises the personnel database with new starters, leavers, and all changes to personnel records.

Low Maintenance
Online monitoring of almost every aspect of installations, including sensors, energy consumption, condition of data links and operating temperature. Sophisticated power status reporting assists in remote diagnosis and swift rectification of equipment faults.

Multi-Site Applications
Control access to a few doors at one location or scale up to control access to thousands of doors, turnstiles and barriers at many sites.

Recording and reporting student or workers attendance.

ID Card Design and Printing
A user’s photo and fingerprint can be captured and ID cards printed and encoded



GSM Access Control is GSM remote control unit for door & gates using your mobile.


  • Your Phone is your key
  • Setup authorized Phone
  • Instant unauthorized alerts
  • Ultimate security
  • Monitor the system